It's A Cinch

Every human face on planet earth is as uniquely shaped and is stunningly beautiful. 
At you are not only one of our "customers"...  not only one of our "fans"... You are part of our FAMILY!!!  ...... and we think you are GORGEOUS
Because YOU personally are so important to us - we want to make sure that you are safe, confident and satisfied with any purchase you make from our online store.

We honestly are frustrated and sad that we are all currently living in a world climate where we have to wear face masks - at all. We miss your wonderful smiles and actually 'seeing' you laugh rather than only 'hearing' it muffled through cloth. We miss how mouths curl and stretch around spoken words - words strung together into sentences that bring encouragement and life and peace to people who are hurting. But alas... Here we are.

Since most of us now MUST wear masks (and all of us should), we are SO very grateful that you have chosen one of OUR masks to wear. Cause if you gotta cover those beautiful pearly whites... than what better to cover them with - than some BigChrisArt

We have been through several mask makers over the last 3 months and all of them have been great. But we have recently been working with a fulfillment company out of Arizona called Tough Apparel and we are so happy with the product and the custom fit from this company. We have known these guys for some time now and they also fulfill our merch lines and You might have recently seen them receive a successful deal on ABC's Shark Tank (Season 11 - episode 22). We are very proud of our friends and thrilled to be working with them.
The masks from Tough Apparel are delivered to you FLAT with 2 seperate wearing options depending on what YOU want and need. A "behind the ear" option as well as a "behind the head" tie option for the perfect fit to any face. We understand that a flat mask can be a bit confusing when it arrives - that is why we have posted a video in 200+ separate locations on our website to ensure customer satisfaction. The trick with both of the options is the CINCH (see... I promised I would get back to it).

It seems some people who have purchased a mask from us have not taken the 2 minutes and 51 seconds to either read the documented instructions or watch the "how to" video posted on every mask order. We are adding it in bold letters to every confirmation email now as well going forward and will likely send a follow up email even separate from that to make sure people see it. But... PLEASE... PLEASE watch the video so you can be confident that your mask is shaped and fitted to YOUR unique face.  Please take 2 minutes and 51 seconds out of your day and review this direct link: