Ello Fabric Face Cradle

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Original art from Big Chris Art.  Goblin King, Goblin King take this mask to protect yourself from germs.  This worm from Labyrinth is a must have for any Jim Henson lover.  "Ello" "Did you say hello?" "I said Ello, but thats close enough."  

This is ONE SIZE FITS ALL.  It is a bit on the larger size, we recommend ordering an ear saver to ensure a proper fit.  

-Printed with Non-Toxic Water Based Inks
-Soft Stretch Ear Strap
-Machine Washable

*Add an Ear Saver to ensure a good fit.  This is one size fits all, so the ear savers not only help with alleviating pain behind the ears, they also allow you to tighten the cradle to fit you.   


Note: Cosmetic Only. Product is not intended for medical purposes.