Big Chris Art

Looking for a unique piece that will add something special to your home, office, bar, or anywhere else you spend time? Get unique art straight from the twisted mind of Big Chris! You can choose from an extensive array of different types of artwork, including:

  • Canvases
  • Prints
  • Original pieces
  • Black and white marker art
  • Color marker art
  • Pencil art
  • Paintings

There's something to suit every taste and every room--as long as your taste leans toward Chris’s signature dark pop style. Choose a large-scale print to draw the eye or a smaller print to catch the attention and give just a hint of the true darkness lingering in the room.

In this fascinating and horrifying collection, you'll find original pieces based on many of your favorite themes: comics, fandom, horror, Apothic, and more. Display your personality and unique style for the world, letting them know what you love most. These designs offer a twisted, distinct look at these familiar styles and options that will thrill, chill, and bring personality and style to any room.

About Big Chris
Big Chris is a professional graphic designer with extensive experience across a variety of platforms. He worked on Halo, Call of Duty, and several other popular franchises. His talents focus on color illustration and design, and his resume reflects an extensive assortment of artistic outlets. With more than 20 years as an artist, Big Chris has the skills necessary to transform your idea into reality, from creating stunning fandom pieces that bring these creations to life to offering custom pieces that can make your dreams and plans a reality. Browse this extensive collection to get a better idea of the types of products he creates, from illustrations of your favorite fandoms to unique, horror-themed concepts direct from his own twisted mind.

Have something specific in mind? Get a custom piece from Big Chris!