These prints are high quality prints.  They are amazing additions to any home or office.  Sizes range, so please be sure to check the size before you order.  Most of  prints are 11x17 in size.  These are all Big Chris's original art pieces that we have made into prints.  Some are line art, and some are fully finished pieces.  Please enjoy the wide variety of art.

Big Chris of Big Chris art style is "dark pop", a style which was started by Big Chris himself.  He is the originator of this genre of art.  His talent has spanned all sorts of genres starting in video games and spilling over into the comic-con world.  His original art is truly unique and his style is his own.  Big Chris focuses on gothic and macabre style art.  The art process always starts with pencils, and is either colored with markers or paint, or more commonly painted digitally.  We also do logo and branding as well as all kinds of graphic design work.